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Where it all started...

Since our first cruise back in 2012, we've been consuming all of the cruise content we can find. Between us we've probably read every blog, watched every YouTube video and joined every Facebook group that has cruise in the title. Over the years, we've spotted a fair few well known cruise bloggers onboard ships and in April 2022 onboard P&O Cruises Ventura we did something we've never done before and approached someone we recognised. We were a few drinks deep in Havana (one of our favourite Ventura haunts) so the Dutch courage definitely helped!

Lizzy (right) and Laura (left) in Havana in 2015

It turns out there wasn't just one cruise blogger sat there but two and we spent the rest of our week sharing experiences over drinks every night. We joked about starting our own Instagram page with our thousands of holiday photos and some of our terrible photography was called into question. We know we've taken a fair few car park photos and missed some vital parts off ships over the years! On the final night, when we arrived back into an area with UK phone signal, we went for it and signed up for an Instagram account and we made our first post from the car park at Mayflower Cruise Terminal that morning.

We weren't expecting any followers and for the first few weeks we were so excited every time someone followed us. Quite quickly, posting on our Instagram page became a source of enjoyment for us and we were having great fun sharing our holiday photos. We've loved becoming a part of the Instagram cruise community but we've got so much more to share so thought a blog would allow us to do that.

Our first Instagram post - Ventura in Southampton

We've got lots of upcoming holidays planned, a Princess cruise and a P&O cruise in August and trips to Italy, Devon and Iceland before the end of the year. Watch this space for posts based around our experiences on these holidays, along with some trips down memory lane. We'll always be honest and if we've had a fab time you'll hear about it and if we don't like something we'll let you know too. We hope you enjoy reading our posts and if there is anything you would like to more about, please let us know.


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