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P&O Cruises Azura - Billing Problems in The Glass House

Updated: May 7, 2023

We've eaten in The Glass House on a few occasions but due to covid restrictions we haven't had much chance to enjoy it recently. This changed onboard Azura in February 2023, as The Glass House was back up and running. We were delighted that we'd be able to eat there again and made plans for lunch on our first sea day. Azura's Glass House has the more traditional menu, which we prefer compared to the menu on Iona and Arvia.

Azura's Glass House is a lovely space, that feels quite bright and open compared with its counterpart on Ventura. We were seated quite close to the entrance on a table that was back to back with a couple who were also dining. We both already had a fair idea of what we wanted having already checked the menu. Lizzy was also keen to have a glass of one of her favourite wines, that P&O usually only serve in The Glass House.

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We didn't have multiple courses for this meal as it was a lunchtime. Lizzy had the sliders and Laura had 3 of the small plates from the Mini and Mighty selection. All of the food was tasty, well cooked and served relatively quickly considering it was cooked to order. Lizzy's favourite slider was the Piri Piri Chicken with Avocado and Laura particularly enjoyed her Tempura King Prawns. After the meal, we weren't sure if we were supposed to sign a bill or not but we managed to get the attention of a waiter who signalled that we were ok to leave. In hindsight, perhaps we should have waited for the bill.

Small plates from The Glass House onboard Azura

Later on that day, we were checking some information on our on board account via the My Holiday app and we noticed that we had 2 charges listed from The Glass House, one for £13 and one for £6.95. The charges aren't itemised, so it looked to us like one charge was for food and the other was for a drink which should have been included in our drinks package. We popped down to reception and spoke to a member of the team there who said that they would email The Glass House and get it resolved for us. A few days later, we noticed that the charge still hadn't been removed. In fact it was still there by the time Friday rolled around, which was our final day onboard.

We returned to reception and spoke to the same team member. They were apologetic that nothing had been resolved and contacted The Glass House for us again. This time, they picked the query up and left a voicemail on our cabin phone saying that the charges were for the food we'd eaten and we hadn't been charged for any drinks so nothing could be removed. We knew it shouldn't have cost as much as we'd been charged, so once again we returned to reception. They advised us that if we went to The Glass House, we could see an itemised bill and would be able to progress the issue from there. From looking at the individual items, we could see that we'd been charged for a steak when neither of us had eaten one. Incidentally, the couple on the table next to us had eaten steaks, so perhaps there'd been a bit of a mix up with the two bills.

We finally got this issue resolved on our final day, but we were a bit irritated with how much effort this involved on our part. If reception had told us to go to The Glass House in the first place, we would have happily done this instead of it taking six days to solve, However, it certainly hasn't put us off using The Glass House again. The meal itself did not disappoint and there are lots of menu options that we're still keen to try!

P.s. Apologies for the poor quality of this menu photo, we'll replace it as soon as we get a better one!


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