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P&O Cruises Arvia - Day 4 - Medical Centre, Mardi Gras In Martinique and Schhh by Nicole Scherzinger

In February 2023 we travelled onboard P&O Cruises largest and newest ship, Arvia. We flew out to join her in Antigua with P&O's controversial partner airline, Maleth Aero. We then spent 7 nights onboard cruising around the Caribbean islands of Antigua, St Kitts, Martinique, St Lucia and Barbados.

In this fourth video of the series we arrive into Martinique where they were celebrating Mardi Gras. Unfortunately the day started in the onboard medical centre, we talk you through what happened and we'll show you how much it cost. We then spent the day enjoying the festivities before heading back onboard for dinner in 6th Street Diner. The evening entertainment was a brand new experience on P&O ships so we were very excited. We'll tell you exactly what we thought of Schhh by Nicole Scherzinger.


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