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Enchanted Princess (12th-16th August 2022) - Day 4, St Peter Port, Guernsey

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Day 4, our final day onboard Enchanted Princess, saw us being awoken by an announcement into our cabin about the fog. The visibility was so poor, that it wasn't even possible to see one end of the ship from the other. It wasn't looking good for getting into Guernsey, which isn't rare. We've cruised to Guernsey quite a few times now and have been unable to disembark twice previously due to sea conditions. Hopefully, it would improve and we'd be able to get in a bit later on.

We were lucky and after an hour or so the fog lifted and we were able to get into Guernsey. The sea conditions weren't great for tendering and the captain actually advised us not to get off if we didn't have anything specific planned. We were warned that it was likely that the tender operation would be suspended at points during the day and we may get stuck ashore for a period of time. As far as we're aware, there were no pauses in the tendering operation and we were able to go ashore and get back onboard with no issues.

We didn't have a specific plan for St. Peter Port, so we stayed onboard until after lunch, which we enjoyed from the Salty Dog Grill and then spent the afternoon ashore. By the time we disembarked, the weather had improved significantly and we were lucky enough to get some sun. We mainly spent our time wandering around the town and visiting some of the shops. Top tip from us in St. Peter Port is that a lot of the shops on the high street have great views from their back windows! St. Peter Port is a very pretty town and there's lots of history to be discovered. We returned to the ship late in the afternoon and had a bit of a wait to get back on a tender. It was a bit interesting transferring from the tender to the ship too, but we made it back in one piece.

Once back on board, we headed straight back to our cabin to finish our packing and freshen up and get ready for dinner. We went to the Santorini MDR again and had another lovely meal. Lizzy enjoyed her favourite French onion soup and Laura her favourite, the classic Princess Love Boat Dream. We were seated very quickly once again and service was fast, friendly and efficient. Our waiter told us a story about the origins of Paella, we have no idea how true it was but it convinced Laura to order it!

After dinner, we once again headed for the theatre, where we were treated to a brilliant performance from Max Himmelreich. Max had performed in Rock Opera earlier in the cruise so we knew we were in for a treat. We enjoyed a great mix of genres that really showcased Max Himmelreich's incredible range. You can see a clip of his performance over on our Instagram page if you're interested.

We peeked into Vista Lounge after the theatre and were put off by the queues at the bar once again, so instead decided to end our cruise in the Piazza where it was a bit calmer. We found a seat in Good Spirits at Sea and were lucky to have a waiter come over and take our order. We were informed that they weren't serving any cocktails at all, so were only able to order spirits, beers or wines which was a bit disappointing as we'd have liked a cocktail to end out cruise. It was also still relatively early at this point and the bar wasn't preparing for closure. We sat in there chatting for a while but decided to head to bed at a sensible hour, as we knew we had an early start, ready for disembarkation the following day. One thing we'll never get used to when cruising is how early you have to vacate your cabin on the final morning!


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